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Torrance Garage Door Repair for Noisy Doors

The garage door is one of the most used items in the home. However, it can also be one of the most neglected. This is because the garage door is created to withstand the inside elements as well as the ones outside. Unfortunately, some homeowners take this as a reason not to perform some simple maintenance on it, leading to expensive garage door repairs. One of the most common includes loud noises coming from the door as it opens and closes. Thus, the following includes five reasons your door may be making these noises.

1. Lack of Garage Door Repairs Lead to Unbalance Doors

One of the most common issues that a lack of garage door repairs leads to is having an unbalanced garage door. Not only does this cause loud noises when you attempt to open it, but it can also harm the rest of your garage door components as it is constantly putting added stress on them each and every time you open your garage door. So, why does a garage door suddenly become unbalanced? Although there are a number of reasons for it, it is often associated with weak tension springs. In this case, it is highly recommended to have a garage door spring repair service company come and fix the issue as it can be rather dangerous to handle it on your own.

2. Loud Rattling Caused by a Lack of Lubrication

Picture this; you’re opening your garage door to leave for the day when a loud rattling is heard from right above your head. Although it may seem like the whole garage door is going to fall on you at any second, the noise is likely due to a lack of lubrication. When a garage door installation is first done, the installer will add a layer of lubrication to the tracking system and other moving parts of your garage door. This is done so that your door comes down and up smoothly. However, over time, the lubrication becomes less and less effective, causing your door to stutter as it moves up and down the tracks. It must be noted that other issues may arise from the stuttering of the garage door, such as the loosening of nuts or bolts, all of which should be tightened.

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3. Loud Squeaking Noises and Your Rollers

If you go into any home improvement store, you may notice that most of the garage door aisle is going to be filled with rollers, and for a good reason. Your garage door rollers are the wheels that help to smoothly guide the door up and down the tracks. Issues arise when these rollers begin to become worn out. In this case, you may begin to hear loud squeaking noises coming from right above your garage. The best way to test if this is really the issue is to move on of the rollers and see how much give there is. A roller in good condition won’t allow you to move it that much. Although rollers can be purchased at most home improvement stores, it is recommended to have a garage door replacement Torrance company help you replace them, especially if you have never done it before.

4. Loud Grinding Due to Improper Installation Require Garage Door Repairs

Having loud grinding sounds coming from your garage door is often connected to a lack of lubrication or a need to replace your rollers. However, if you have recently installed your door and it is already making these noises, it may not be any of those two options. Instead, the issue could be tied to an improper installation of your garage door system. When components are not properly fitted to your specific garage space, it can lead to parts of the door slamming against each other or grinding against each other. Not only is this very annoying, but it can potentially cause certain components to fail unexpectedly. If this is the case, contact a Precision Torrance service professional to re-do your installation.

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5. Loud Popping Sounds and Your Tension Springs

The tension springs are located either above or to the side of the garage door. This component is what helps to safely move up and down your door each time you want to use it. As the name suggests, these hold a lot of tension within them. Over time, this tension can either loosen or begin to lock itself. In most cases, the tension springs will loosen up, causing your door to move too fast. However, there are other instances in which the springs actually begin to lock up. This leads to the door constantly stopping and going, which makes the loud popping sound that you hear as you operate it. Because these are so dangerous to work with, you should always contact a spring repair Torrance service company to fix the issue.

When to Call Precision Door Service of Torrance

Quite often, a noisy garage door is caused by a minor malfunction and can be resolved easily. However, unusual sounds can also be an indicator that something is seriously wrong with your garage door. We’ll perform a careful inspection to determine if the problem is coming from worn rollers, a misalignment, or another mechanical failure that needs to be addressed. We can even recommend any possible garage door upgrades to keep the problem from recurring. Call 310-954-0917 or complete an online contact form to speak to a trained technician.

Updated 6/10/21