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Safety Inspection

Safety Inspection

Certified Technicians Trained in All Areas of Garage Door Maintenance

Your garage door can quickly turn into a dangerous contraption if all the safety measures aren’t in place.

 Garage Door Maintenance 

If any problems are discovered, we can perform the necessary repairs, replacements, and upgrades using reliable garage door parts that come from some of today’s leading manufacturers. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

What Does Garage Door Maintenance Include? 

 Our top-notch garage door inspection program covers the basics of your garage door’s operation and more. Regular service ensures that all components of the door, including the hinges, tracks, springs, and even components such as the garage door opener, are in good working condition. We also check the panels, which act as the glue that holds the garage door together. Through regular maintenance, we can make sure that all the garage door parts are working well and do not pose a safety hazard. 

 What Does a Garage Door Inspection Include? 

 A garage door inspection includes several different elements: 

  • Visual inspection
  • Lubrication
  • Door balance

 A visual inspection of the garage door means that our technicians check the cables, springs, pulleys, and rollers. This allows technicians to quickly determine if the garage door’s parts are working properly or if they need to be replaced or repaired. 

 Along with performing a visual inspection, our technicians will also lubricate the garage door’s components as necessary. The garage door is lubricated using a silicone-based spray, which reduces the amount of wear and tear that the various components of the garage door face each time it is used. Applying lubrication also helps with any excess noise caused by the garage door, including squeaking and grinding. Sometimes, problems that you think might be serious can actually be corrected simply by applying more lubricant. Lastly, a technician will perform a balance test on your garage door. The balance test checks if the door lifts with little resistance or effort. If the door is more difficult than usual to operate, you may need to repair or adjust various components. If changes are necessary, a technician will let you know more about the improvements that should be made and the associated cost. 

A 25-Point Inspection

Getting regular inspections, along with routine maintenance, is essential for everyone’s safety. We can perform a 25-point garage safety inspection in Torrance to identify problems that may be occurring in different parts of your garage door’s operating system. We can get into the tight spaces that are often difficult and dangerous to access when untrained professionals attempt to do so.

If you want to take some of the measures into your own hands, Precision Door Service of Torrance recommends that you:

  • Perform a Visual Inspection: All door springs, cables, pulleys, and other components of your garage door system should be visually inspected to identify any signs of wear and tear or other mechanical deficiencies. If you notice problems, it’s best to hire us to perform the necessary repairs and replacements instead of doing the work yourself since doing so can pose safety risks for you.
  • Lubricate Moving Parts: All moving parts should be lubricated regularly so that they can continue to operate smoothly without running the risk of getting damaged from friction. A silicon-based spray works best. To find out how often your garage door parts should be lubricated, check your owner’s manual.
  • Check Door Balance: A balance test should be performed periodically to ensure that your garage door isn’t misaligned when opening and closing. When performing this test, start with your garage door closed. You can then use the release mechanism if you have a garage door opener so that you can manually open the door by hand. Your door should lift smoothly and with little effort. If you struggle to open your garage door, this could be a sign that it is out of balance and needs adjusting. Precision Door Service of Torrance can send a professional technician to your location to have your door adjusted so that it’s balanced.

If you discover any problems after checking over your system yourself, the staff at Precision Door Service of Torrance will be glad to help. Any of our certified technicians can perform a garage door inspection in Torrance accurately so that all issues can be resolved correctly. Contact us today if you want to schedule a 25-point inspection.

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