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DIY Steps Before a Professional Garage Door Installation

The garage door can be a complicated component of the home if you don’t know what you’re doing. In addition, it can actually cost you a pretty penny if you are having to call a professional repair person each and every time you have an issue. Therefore, the following list includes a few DIY steps to take before needing to call a professional garage door installation company for major issues.

Garage Door Has Difficulty Moving

Perhaps the most common issue that you’re going to face is having a garage door that won’t open or is having trouble opening. Fortunately, the solution to this issue is rather easy to fix with a few DIY steps. The problem will often reside within the door sensor itself. Because the garage door is constantly being open, the sensor is often being covered by dirt and water, thus clouding the sensor over time. Simply wipe off the sensor with a soft cloth to get it working again.

DIY Steps for Rollers Off Tracks

Another issue that takes a few DIY skills to accomplish but can save you a good amount of repair costs is the fixing of a roller going off its track. You can fix this issue by acquiring some pliers and a rubber mallet. Simply use the pliers to bend the tracking system a bit and the rubber mallet to push the roller back onto place.

Tension Springs

The tension springs of a garage door are the components that allow it to pull it up and bring it down safely. You basically have two common types, which include extension and torsion springs. Now, unlike other components on this list, springs should never be repaired by the homeowner as they can be extremely dangerous to handle. Therefore, it is highly recommended to call in a garage door installation Torrance company in order to receive safe and proper results.