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Care Tips for Maintaining a Wood Garage Door

A wood garage door has an expected lifespan of at least 20 years when it is well maintained. In Southern California, thanks to the elements, a door goes through its fair share of wear and tear more than other types of doors. Torrance garage doors, with care, though, can keep their luster and functionality.

Here are some care tips to consider.

Keep it Clean

To keep the door of your garage in good working condition, start by keeping it clean. In Southern California, the door is exposed to the sun year-round, which may cause its color to fade. There is also the occasional rain, foggy days and morning overcast. Debris, therefore, may stick. There is always dust and dirt floating around that causes the door to get dirty. To clean it, you only need warm water and soap. Then, wipe it down. Wiping it down on a regular basis gives you the opportunity to spot cracks and other issues that could become problems down the road.

Regular Maintenance for a Wood Garage Door

Professionals in the industry will encourage you to have the door serviced on a regular basis, too. Door maintenance includes lubricating the moving parts, inspecting the rollers and testing the balance. If any issues are found, they can be fixed. When parts require replacement, they will be replaced. This ensures that nothing gets stuck or stops working. The cables are also checked as well as the safety features.

Finishing Touches

Once you know that the door is operating optimally, take a look at it from an aesthetic perspective. If the paint has faded or there are visible ridges, consider re-sanding and re-finishing. Then, add a new coat of paint. This is a nice DIY project until you feel that it is time to replace the door with something newer or a different style.