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Things to Consider When Changing Garage Door Opening Size

If you are looking for garage door installation in Torrance, you may have reason to change the opening size of the door in the process. That can mean expanding or decreasing the opening to fit a new door or possibly combining two single garage doors into one double door. Depending on the exact situation, these all are possible if you consult a professional about your garage door opening size and take the following into consideration.

Expanding the Garage Door Opening Size

Expanding this area can be something as simple as going from a 7-foot wide door to an 8-foot wide door or as complex as replacing a 7-foot wide single door with a 12-foot wide double door. The most important thing to consider when making this decision is do you have the available space to make this change? It goes without saying that if your garage is only 10 feet wide, there’s no way to fit a 12-foot door.

Reducing the Garage Door Opening Size

Reducing the area is a relatively easier proposition than increasing it because you don’t have to worry about available space. What you do have to worry about, though, is making the door look like it was always that size. When you reduce the size of the door, you will need to find siding and trim materials that match the existing materials. If you are unable to match, you might be faced with the prospect of replacing the siding on the entire garage.

Converting Two Single Doors to a Double Door

When converting two single doors to one double door, you may be faced with multiple unknowns. Because the center pillar between the two doors will be removed, you will need to determine if the garage is structurally sound enough for this removal. If you need to further expand the opening to fit the double garage door, you will have to determine if you have the space to do so. And if you are decreasing the size of the opening, you will be faced with finding siding and trim to match.