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Common Garage Door Cable Problems

The garage door is one of the most used items in your home. Although it’s created to withstand such a large amount of use, it is still likely to malfunction at one point or another. This is especially true for the garage door cables. To keep your door functioning, it is important to understand what issues may arise. Thus, the following includes some of the most common garage door cable problems you’ll face during the lifetime of your door.

Snapped Garage Door Cable Problems

One of the most dangerous issues with the cable that can occur is one or both of your cables snapping. This means that one side of the garage door simply won’t have enough support to keep itself leveled. This, of course, can lead to a potentially dangerous situation. One of the best ways to prevent this issue from occurring is to inspect your cables every once in a while. Look for frayed or worn-out cables as these are tall tell signs that something is wrong. If you observe these signs, it is important to contact your local Precision Torrance service company for a professional repair.

Lack of Movement

If you notice that your garage opener is not lifting the door, then it’s likely that it’s gone into manual mode. This occurs when one of the door’s components stops working. In some cases, your cables may have detached after an issue with your tension springs. Note that you should never handle tension springs by yourself as they can be very dangerous.

Uneven Movement

When the garage door is being lifted, there may be times when you notice its unevenness. This means that there is an issue with the alignment of the garage door cables. Misalignment is a common issue, and thus most garage door repair companies can take care of this issue in a short amount of time.

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