What to Know About Sliding Garage Doors

Deciding on the right garage door takes time and a bit of research. The vast options can make yours a difficult decision to make. If you’ve already made your mind up about sliding doors, then this guide will cover the finer details. When in front of your eyes, sliding doors stand out with unmistakable features. However, this door won’t work for all homeowners and building structures. This type of door is often used at entry gates. One side of your garage, be it the left or the right, will receive the door. Following are some key considerations for sliding doors.

A Corner or Straight Line

Now is when you have to decide on the path that your door will take. In some cases, a straight line is the easiest route of action. Other spaces have a corner that the door has to curve around. The direction of your door is dictated by the storage space you have and the configuration of your garage. Though some homes can get away with a single-panel door, sliding doors often use multiple, flexible panels. Some Torrance garage doors must be flexible to adjust to cornered pathways. Single panels, which do have a specific look, must go straight forward.

What Is Your Expected Budget?

Knowing how much you’re expected to pay, or how much you can, will make a difference. As you and your contractor shop for sliding doors, expect to pay between $700 to $1,500. The size of the door, its weight and its materials will dictate how much or little you pay. Be sure to ask about the different brands and which are more likely to offer a discount. Garage doors in Torrance will tend to cost a bit more if they are customized. Templated doors, instead, are those that have been prefabricated. You can install these as is, but they will still fit your space.

Materials and Textures

Your sliding door can be manufactured in any of the top materials being used today. The question you have to ask is why. Start with the architecture of your home. A door that matches the elements of your property will also appeal to potential buyers in the future. It’s good to make your door stand out, but you want to do so in line with the decor you already have. There are various kinds of wood, and each has its own texture. When considering steel, however, do so for its durability. Synthetics are another popular option that is prized for flexibility and light weight.

The Color and Contrast

Painting your garage door is easier when you understand how colors contrast with one another. A garage door, in general, should match the same color as your front door. Doors have the power to grab attention, and the statement made at the front door works well when duplicated by your garage’s door. White should only be used if your home isn’t all white. Making a statement with gray against a white house, instead, will create a better contrast. When using a dark color like black, consider contrasting it with stones, raw wood or a finished brick façade.

Automation and Smart Technology

Now is the time to consider smart technology if you haven’t already. Installing a new door gives you an ideal chance to ask about automation and remote controls. During garage door repairs, it’s common for contractors to find other services that will benefit their clients. Adding smart technology to your garage door might be the solution you need. By “going smart,” you’ll be able to control your door from a mobile phone. When you are miles away, your door will update you on its own diagnostics or when deliveries arrive at your home. It’s even easy to install this tech.

Where the Panels Will Get Stored

The panels of your sliding door have to be stored somewhere after your door opens. For a roll-up garage door, the horizontal panels move up toward the ceiling. For sliding doors, the construction of the door dictates how the panels should be stored. For a single-panel door, there is no way to store the door except on the right or left side of the garage. Other variations, though still working sideways, have a butterfly motion. Such panels get stored as the door panels fold up. Lastly, you have the option of rolling up your panels sideways into a spiral.

Saving Space

A sliding door has to be installed either within or outside the threshold of your garage. As it closes, you have the option of sliding it up against the outside of the garage or inside. You will avoid the garage door opener when the panels open and close outside of the garage. However, your space might call for both types of maneuvers. For example, you might need to have the door open itself outside while entering back inward as it closes. Just be sure to consider how you want to use the garage space you have. This dictates the type of motion that will work best.

Leveling Your Ground for the Door Tracks

During your garage door repair in Torrance, have your contractor check the ground area where your door will slide over. This area has to be leveled and cleaned. Leveling that area might call for a crew to redo the pavement you have there. New constructions, however, simply need to be careful enough to level that area properly the first time. Only after you’ve found a level surface can you then get tracks installed. These tracks are where the rollers of the door will sit in and slide side to side. As long as everything is leveled, your door will then slide effortlessly.

A Final Evaluation for Your Sliding Garage Door

Getting the right sliding garage door will be easier than you might realize. As long as you have a passion for home, let your creative mind guide you. Speak with a professional to then consider what you might have overlooked. Being practical will help your budget and make the work easier for a contractor. Don’t shy away from serious planning or spending sufficient time thinking. Each project is unique, and details do matter. When you’re ready to install a new door, however, it’s important that you work with a licensed professional who can insure their labor.