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Showcase Your Collector Car in Your Garage in 3 Easy Steps

Your collector car is one of your most prized possessions, but lately, you’ve been wondering why you are letting it gather dust under its car cover. Most likely, you spent a lot of time, energy, and money fixing up your classic car, so you now want to showcase all your hard work. You also want to be able to enjoy it, too! So, it’s time to throw off that car cover and showoff your collector car. Below, you will find 3 easy tips for transforming your garage into a cool showroom for your collector car.

Custom Car Lift

First up, one great way to really showcase your classic car is be investing in a custom car lift in your garage. A car lift can get your car up on the garage floor so that you can actually store more than one classic car in your garage space. These lifts can be custom designed and installed so that they fit perfectly in whatever size garage you have. Car lifts are also a huge benefit if you like to tinker with your collector car from time to time.


Next up, you want to create a perfect garage space where you and your friends can hang out and admire your car. The last thing that you want is a dull, grey garage space that has no character. You want to think of your garage as a blank canvas to fill. Go out and look for different types of accessories that relate to the model of your car or cars in general. You can find cool things at car shows, thrift stores, and flea markets. You especially want to look for things like vintage signs, old car repair tools, and tool cases. These will act as the perfect accessory to your classic car.

Protection for Your Collector Car

Last, you want to make sure that your classic car is protected. Think about hiring garage door repair services to give your garage door the once-over. You may need spring repair in Torrance or other repair services to ensure your garage door is closing and opening correctly (you don’t want a malfunctioning door to injure your baby!). You might also think about adding climate control and video security as well.