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How Long Does a New Garage Door Installation Take?

If you are about to move into a newly built home or simply need to upgrade your current garage door, you’ve probably thought about the garage door installation process a few times. Other than the price and complexity of it all, it’s also likely that you have wondered how long it will take for the installation process to be completed. If you have a simple one-door garage, you can expect an installation time of around two to three hours. However, that is the best-case scenario as there many more factors that must be considered. Thus, the following includes further information about how long a garage door installation should take and the factors that must be taken into consideration.

How Your Property Affects the Garage Door Installation Timeline

When homeowners call in the experts to install their new garage doors, they often believe that their job is done. The fact is that the first task of the garage door installation process belongs to you, the homeowner. That is because it is your responsibility to ensure that the space to and around the garage door is free and clear of any obstacles. In many cases, homeowners don’t realize this until the experts in garage door replacement in Torrance are pulling up to their driveway. However, at that point, it’s too late, so the timeline has been extended until the area is safe to be worked within. So what items should you be looking to remove? A few things you should keep in mind include:

  • Additional cars & other recreational vehicles
  • Children’s toys or bikes
  • Items within the garage, such as boxes and lawn equipment

Availability of Components

Although most garage door components are readily available, you should be ready for delays due to a lack of materials available. For example, insulated garage doors may require a certain amount and type of insulation to get the job done correctly. If there is a sudden shortage or lack of the specific type you want, that may cause a delay to occur. In some cases, you may be offered a different option to speed the process, but if those are not to your liking, waiting is pretty much the only thing you can do. Another issue that may potentially delay the process is the construction of a custom garage door. This is because some homeowners will want to have a door created specifically for their taste and garage door opening. Unfortunately, mistakes may occur in which the door may not fit as perfectly as you may want it to, and thus, lengthy modifications would be required.

Full or Partial Installation?

The fact is that not every garage door installation project is going to consists of a full replacement. In many cases, customers may only want to have a company that provides spring repair in Torrance come in to take care of the more dangerous and complex parts of the installation process. Installing a few panels on your door is going to take considerably less time compared to that of a full-track system replacement. That is why this is one of the things that you should consider when asking about the duration of the installation process.

The Size of Your Garage

As stated above, if you have a normal one-car garage, your installation may be completed around the two- to three-hour mark. However, that can change if your garage is much bigger. For example, a two-car garage is going to require not only more materials, but double the installation time. This is because two doors, two track systems, and a larger-than-normal garage door motor need to be installed. In this case, the installation may take up to six or more hours to complete. In fact, it is not unusual to have the project go onto the next day, and thus, the reason why you may want to set aside a few days to stay at home and observe the work being done.

Mother Nature and Garage Door Installation Delays

One of the most commonly overlooked items when considering when to replace your garage door is the weather. If you live in an extremely wet climate, you may want to wait until the summer months to begin the installation process. Heavy rains and windstorms can make it extremely difficult and dangerous to work on a garage door installation, causing the project to be placed on hold until the weather allows the job to continue. It must be noted that the summer months are a busy time for installation companies, and thus, the availability of service must also be taken into heavy consideration. If you cannot wait until the summer months, it is highly recommended to research the weather at least a week before the installation process begins. This will help to diminish the chances of running into unexpected weather.