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5 Garage Door Challenges Homeowners Could Face

The home garage door is manufactured to provide homeowners with protection and convenience. However, this does not mean that it comes without its own challenges. Therefore, encountering issues with your garage door should almost be expected. Understanding these garage door challenges is the best way to avoid having to pay costly repairs each time they occur.

Homeowners & Older Homes

If you’re looking to purchase a new home, it is imperative that you inquire about the garage door’s age. Even if it looks amazing from the outside, there is no guarantee that its components have been taken care of. A whole slew of problems can arise from an outdated and neglected garage door. Therefore, it is incredibly important to seek the services of a garage door repair service company to receive a proper inspection.

Door Won’t Lift Properly

One day, you’re going to wake up, walk to your garage and attempt to lift the door only to find out that it’s not moving or moving slowly. There are multiple reasons why your door won’t be able to open, but the most common include the garage door rollers. These rollers allow the garage door to run up and down its tracking system smoothly. However, when they derail from the track, it can cause issues with the door opener’s ability to lift it.

One of the Most Common Garage Door Challenges: Loud Noises

Loud metallic noises coming from a garage door may indicate that you need to do some cleaning. Debris and dirt accumulating within the tracking system can cause the door to struggle as it opens. Another cause of a loud garage door may be due to a lack of lubrication of some of the door’s components.

Garage Door Slamming Down

If you ever notice that your door is slamming down onto the ground, then you may have an issue with your tension springs. Tension springs provide the energy needed to lift up and safely bring down a garage door. It is recommended to always bring in a professional for this type of issue as tension springs can be extremely dangerous to handle on your own.

Gaps Between the Door

A common challenge you’ll face is seeing a gap between your door and the ground each time you attempt to close it. This can be an issue with your safety reversal feature. This feature can sense small animals, children, or objects and begin to reverse the door to prevent them from being crushed.

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