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How to Improve Your Garage Door Security

Your garage door is a crucial safety feature in your home that enhances your security. It is one of the most common points for thieves breaking into a house. Boosting your garage security will protect your property and your family from burglars. Here are tips on improving your garage security.

Check Your Garage Door’s Condition

The first step in improving your garage security is ensuring that the garage door is in good condition. If your garage door is in poor condition and withered, it is an easy target for thieves since it is easy to break-in. Some of the common signs of weak in garage doors include:

• Leaks
• Gaps
• Warping panels
• Cracks
• Rust
• Faded paints
• Dents

These signs mean you have to schedule garage door repairs immediately or replace it altogether. Thieves tend to exploit cracks and loose points to enter and exit a garage and leave without you noticing. If your garage is weak, burglars can use force to break into your garage. To prevent this from happening, ensure that you thoroughly inspect your garage door to fix any weak points. This will make it difficult for thieves to break in and protect your property.

Install Floodlights

Most break-ins occur at night, so installing motion-detecting floodlights will increase your security by deterring would-be burglars. You can choose specific spots to install the lights, such as above entryways, corners of the house, and on top of the garage door. Solar-powered floodlights are easy to install since they do not require electrical wiring and are cheap to operate.

Motion-detecting lights remain off until they detect movement and flood the area with light. It is best to install lights with a broad range detection base. Some lights can detect up to 30 feet away to expose anyone approaching your home.

Ensure Your Garage Doors Sensors Are Functional

Garage door sensors ensure that the space below the garage is clear when it closes. It acts as a safety precaution and keeps your door from malfunctioning if it gets dirty or causing any injury to a person below the door. If there is any obstruction below the door, the sensor will notice and prevent the door from closing. This will leave your door open and vulnerable to thieves.

If there is nothing below the door and the door fails to close, the sensors might have an issue. Ensure there are no toys, tools, leaves, or debris below the garage door. Additionally, you can wipe the sensor lenses carefully using a microfiber scratch-resistant cloth or an electronic screen wipe. If the door is still not closing, you need to seek garage door repair services to find and fix any other issues.

Cover Your Windows

Most garage doors have different types of windows, including side windows and exterior service windows. Burglars can use these windows as entry points into your garage. They can also peep through to check for valuables to take or whether anyone is home. Tinting your windows will help to keep your valuables out of sight.

You can also use curtains or blinds to decrease visibility through your garage windows. Other methods to obstruct vision include using glazed or frosted windows to allow light to pass through and make it harder to see inside. Installing metal bars will protect your property as they will deter thieves from using windows as entry points to your garage.

Install Security Cameras

Security cameras can enhance your home’s security as they record events happening around your property. They make it hard for thieves to rob your house as they record facial features and physical attributes. The security camera can trigger your home alarm or alert the police or security of the break-in. You can link your security cameras with your alarm system, so it alerts you if there is any movement around your property.

Additionally, you can install motion-activated cameras that start recording when they detect movement. They act as a deterrent to thieves as they make it hard to rob your place. You can also link your security cameras with your smartphone or laptop so that you can see what is going on from anywhere, anytime.

Guard Your Garage Door Remotes

Your garage door opener is very important, and you should not leave it in your car. It acts as a security measure since it locks the door after you close it. However, even with this, a burglar can still unlock the door by using force or hacking it. A smart opener comes in handy since it allows you to monitor your garage door status and get alerts on your phone when there is activity. You can then call the police or go check it out if it’s a minor disturbance.

Most people leave their garage door openers in the glove box or visor in their car. This is risky since it leaves them exposed to burglars who can break into your vehicle and take them. Always carry your garage door opener with you at all times. You can attach it to your keychain or keep it in your purse or pocket so that it never leaves your side. You can also unplug your garage door opener when you are out of town, as thieves can tell when you are not home.

Secure Service and Entry Doors

A service door is a door between your garage and your house. If you have an attached garage, thieves can use entry doors to access your garage door and unlock it. They can even cut a small section to reach inside and open the door from the outside. You can also forget to lock the entry door, which can lead robbers straight into your house.

Always ensure that your entry door is locked and secure to boost your security. You do this by adding an extra lock or a deadbolt to the door. You can also use sturdy and large screws on your hinges to reinforce the connection between the door and the frame. Upgrading your strike plate will add extra protection to your prybars.

Always Keep the Garage Door Locked

Most people forget to close their garage doors which lead to a lot of break-ins. Sometimes you are leaving in a rush and forget to close the door, which is a costly mistake. You can install a timer to your garage door, which will automatically close after a set time. This will help you, especially if you have a habit of forgetting to close the door. Even if you forget to close the door, it will automatically close after the set time. You can also close the door automatically as long as there is an internet connection.