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Garage Doors for Custom Openings

Custom garage doors are available for one, two or three-car garages. The most common for a three-car garage is one double door and one single door. Single doors are commonly between eight and nine feet, but the height can go up to 12 feet if you need to park an RV. For a detached car shed the opening is about six by 6.6 feet.

An attached double door is approximately 16-feet wide and the height is seven or eight feet and you can go to 10 feet for an RV.

What to Consider for a Custom Garage Door

If you are planning to have garage door repair in Torrance, you may want to take advantage of the opportunity to change the size and style of the door. Some things to consider are:

• The architectural style of your home may determine which size of garage door opening will look the best

• A double door becomes a major element of the appearance of your home

• Two single doors can reduce the visual impact

• If a double door breaks, two cars are stuck instead of one

• A double door allows more outside air into the garage which could increase your air conditioning consumption

Change the Size of the Opening

When you need to install a new garage door, you have the opportunity to change the size of the opening as well as the style of the door. For example, if you have a double door and no longer have two cars, you can change to a single opening. This may give you more space in your garage for storage or even an extra room.

Conclusion: Whether you want to go larger or smaller, you can customize the size of the garage door opening to be convenient for your needs. If you have just one small car, or two cars, a boat and an RV, you can have a custom-sized opening that looks attractive and increases curb appeal as well as the value of your home.