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Tempered Glass Windows and Garage Doors

Glass windows are an attractive addition to a garage door. They add beauty to the design, which increases the curb appeal of the home. Windows also admit natural light, so you can find things in the garage during the day or get in your car without turning on a light. For safety, you might choose tempered glass windows.

What Is Tempered Glass?

Tempered glass is treated with chemical or thermal treatments to increase the strength of the glass. Most glass used in home construction is standard glass. It is popular because it can be cut and shaped for customization. However, standard glass is fragile and will break into large shards that can be dangerous.

Tempered glass is four times stronger than standard glass and breaks into tiny pieces. This is the same as the class in car windows and is considered better protection from injuries due to broken glass. It is the glass of choice when safety is important. Many Torrance garage doors use glass for a few panels usually at the top of the door. If you want to use glass as part of your garage door, tempered glass is the best choice.

Things to Consider about Glass Windows in a Garage Door

Before you choose the glass for your garage door you consider a few things, such as:

• Is there another option? Polycarbonate windows are highly resistant to impacts. They are translucent and come in several colors.

• Do you want clear glass or frosted glass?

• Is the frame of your garage door wide enough to hold the double-pane glass?

Glass panes in a garage door are attractive, but they shouldn’t invite burglars to peek inside to see if there is anything to steal. For this reason, frosted glass is your best choice. Tempered glass comes in different colors, tints and styles and is considered the best choice for a garage door.