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Garage Door Replacement in Torrance: A Fix for Termites

As a homeowner, your responsibility is to take care of your home’s structure. One of the most common things that homeowners look out for is termites. However, much of that focus is within the home, with the garage often being neglected. Understandably, homeowners may think that because a garage door is made from metal and plastics, they are not going to be prone to termites. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Thus, the following includes further information on how termites can severely damage the structure of not only the garage door, but also the whole garage structure itself. If this happens, you will need to schedule a garage door replacement in Torrance.

Why Termites Appear, According to Experts in Garage Door Replacement in Torrance

One of the things that attract termites is cellulose. This can be found within wooden material and on dead plant cells. However, there are other types of termites called subterranean termites that will thrive within the soil and feed on it. This becomes an issue if your garage door frames extend down into the ground. Little by little, these little critters will begin to gnaw at your frame. This can quickly lead to a weak frame that can potentially bring your entire door crashing down. In many cases, a repairman that performs a garage door replacement in Torrance may be able to catch this issue before it gets worse. It should also be noted that this is another way that termites make their way into the rest of the home. So if you are experiencing termites, you may want to check this area first.

Signs That Termites May Be in the Area

One of the best ways to prevent termites from eating your entire door frame out is to understand what to look for. Because termites are so small and take a while to damage a structure, it can be rather difficult to spot them. However, they do leave a few clues that they have been or are currently around. One of the tall tale signs that they are around is if you look at your soil and it looks wavy. These waves are tunnels that termites use to get around the soil. Another sign to look for is their droppings around wooden structures such as garage doors and their frame. You are going to be looking for small colorful material that actually looks like sawdust.

How to Protect Your Doorframe

Having a damaged garage doorframe is never something anyone wants to go through. Not only is the door and its panels in danger of being damaged, but other components such as the door springs as well. If you find damages around your springs, it is important to schedule a spring repair in Torrance as soon as possible. However, the best way to avoid that is to take preventive measures. The first thing you should do is ensure that the part of the doorframe that extends down into the ground is made of a pressure-treated material.

The goal here is to prevent the termites from having access to an easy meal. Next is to keep any wooden material items or firewood away from your garage space. As you move these items away from your garage, ensure that no puddles are accumulating around the garage as well. This is because termites thrive within moist soil and, thus, can be an attractive area for them to come in the future.

Foundation Cracks

When it comes to an older garage, there are likely a few foundation cracks. These appear either within the garage or around it. Although this may not affect your day-to-day activities, the fact is that cracks can serve as a space for termites to begin creating a colony. No matter how big or small the crack is, termites will find a way to get into them. Thus, it is recommended to seal any foundation cracks with epoxy or a sealer. Failure to do so can lead to having to call in the professionals to spread heavy chemicals within your space.

Weather Stripping

So you’ve fixed all your foundation cracks, and you’ve inserted a frame that is covered with a pressured-treated material. Your work must be done, right? Although those methods certainly work to deter termites, you do have one more step you can take to help keep them at bay. Utilizing weather stripping is one of the best ways to keep not only termites but other critters out of the garage. Fortunately, this is a rather easy thing to do. All you have to do is obtain a weather-stripping kit from your local home improvement store and slip it under your doorframe. This will create a tight seal when your door closes, preventing termites from making their way in.