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Coded Openers for Different Family Members

Most families have very different schedules. This is why having multiple garage door openers is such a convenient thing to have. Coded openers allow you to control your home’s garage door without the limitation of only doing using one control. However, for those new to this information, it can be a little daunting to take on. Therefore, the following list includes detailed information on how you can go about knowing which opener to get and how to program them to work.

Research Your Garage Door Motor First

Before you invest in multiple owners, you must first research the information on your garage door’s motor. This will show you who the manufacture is and how to get in contact with them. During the call, they will either be able to directly sell you the correct coded openers or point you to the correct store where you can purchase them in person. If you cannot figure out where this information is you may seek the services of a garage door repair company as they are much more familiar with garage motors.

The Buttons Matter

Once you have the correct manufacturer for your particular motor, you must then think about how many buttons you need on each one. For example, if you’re current opener can lift your door and turn on your light, then you must purchase remotes that have two buttons.

Reprogramming Your Coded Openers

Although reprogramming your garage door opener and openers might sound like a high-tech process, the reality is that it’s often quite simple. Using your instructions, you are simply going to press the buttons that you are directed to press in order for your motor to send out the correct frequency. Note that if you purchased a universal controller, then this process will often be different. You will need to set the dip switches on your opener to set the garage door opener’s brand, followed by its frequency.