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What Makes a Garage Door Section Repairable?

Maybe the neighborhood kids were playing around your door, and they damaged it, or you simply had a strong windstorm the previous night. Nevertheless, the damage has been dealt onto your garage door, and now you’re not sure if it’s a total loss or if it’s something you can easily repair. To determine the correct course of action, the following includes important information regarding if your garage door section is repairable.

Hardware Damages

Seeing mangled bolts and steel can seem like you have a total loss on your hands, but the fact of the matter is that most pieces of hardware can be easily replaced. For example, any cables which seem to be torn can easily be replaced within a day or two. Note that if you see certain components such as tension springs broken that you don’t attempt to fix it yourself. Seek the services of a garage door installation company to ensure that the repair is done safely and by professionals.

Damage to Garage Door Section Panels

Panels are often the first thing to be damaged during severe wind or thunderstorms. Other times an accidental bump with your car can be strong enough to dent or crack these panels. If most of the majority of garage door panels are still intact and with minimal damage, then you can easily replace them. It should be noted that panels replacement can be quite expensive, often starting out at $500 per panel. So, sometimes it can actually be more expensive to repair it than to simply replace the whole thing.

Garage Door Tracks

The tracking system is one of the most important components of your garage door. Therefore, it is recommended to replace this component if the bent of the track is severe. Failure to do so can place you and your family at risk of being hurt by a falling door.

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