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How Your Garage Affects Your Home and Car Insurance Rates

Are you currently thinking about adding a garage to your home? Maybe you’re in the market for a new home and are wondering which type of garage design to go with. All these questions are important as your home, and auto insurance rates can greatly be affected by your final decision. Read on to learn the various ways your garage affects the final interest rate you will receive on your insurance plan.

Insurance Rates Regarding Detached and Attached Garages

Before you seek the services of a garage door installation in Torrance company, it is important to understand how it will affect your home insurance rate. This is in regards to the option of building an attached or detached garage that most homeowners will be faced with. One of the most common mistakes made is assuming that just because a detached garage is on your property, then your homeowner’s insurance will protect it. The reality is that most plans won’t cover these types of garages and will only cover damages done to an attached structure.

Your Insurance and Your Vehicle

When you purchase an insurance plan for your new vehicle, one of the most asked questions will be regarding the location of your car while you’re not driving it. The reason for this question is because insurance companies want to know if your car is going to be at risk for theft or damage. A home garage that can store your type of car can greatly reduce the interest rate that you end up paying each month. This is because insurance companies understand that there’s a less likely chance of having your car stolen while it’s your garage. In the end, the less risk you make your insurance provider take, the better it’s going to be for your wallet.