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Garage Door Storm-Proofing Tips for Your Home

The Federal Emergency Management Agency, or FEMA, cites loss of garage doors as one of the factors that contributes to the costs associated with storm damage. This is just one of the reasons why it makes sense to prepare your garage door as much as possible for the unexpected. Here are some garage door storm-proofing tips to get you started.

Get Started with Garage Door Storm-Proofing with Retrofit Bracing

A garage door technician can properly install a storm-resistant retrofit kit specific to your type of door. It’s a good idea to take this step if you have a garage door lacking the strength to endure high winds. Retrofitting is also worth considering if you have an older garage door still functioning well enough not to warrant replacement. The braces are usually installed through the header and floor mounts.

Take Care of Garage Door Repairs Sooner Rather Than Later

Your garage door is more likely to be affected by a storm if it’s not fully functioning properly. This is why it’s best to take care of garage door repairs sooner rather than later. Be especially proactive about spring repair in Torrance and repair work involving tracks and other parts that can affect door integrity. A garage door technician can also check door alignment and let you know if weatherstripping needs to be replaced.

Consider a New Garage Door Designed with Storm Resistance In Mind

In some cases, the most effective approach to garage door storm-proofing in Torrance, CA, is to invest in a new garage door. Having a new garage door installed also means the mounting area and tracking system can be updated to current standards if you have an older door and adjusted with storm-resistance in mind. Prices for storm-resistant garage doors can vary, but it’s an investment that can be well worth it if your garage door stands up well to storm stress.