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How to Open Your Garage Door When the Power Is Out

There are specific, unprecedented incidents that you need to open your electronic garage door manually. Maybe the garage door motor has jammed, or most likely, you have a power outage. This may be a significant inconvenience when you need to get to work, you have luggage you want to bring inside the house, or maybe your home is located in an unsafe neighborhood. Do not worry. Here are a few tips to get your door open without electricity.

Ensure the Door Is Resting in a Locked Position

The first step is to make sure you don’t injure yourself or damage the door while attempting to open. If you disengage the lock and the garage door was left unlocked, it will slam to the ground with its full weight, which is dangerous to you and can cause damage to the door. In case the power is out and your garage door is open, contact a Torrance garage door repair specialist to help you out.

Find and Pull the Release Cord

Every automatic garage door has an emergency release cord that hangs from the door trolley. The cable is usually at the front of the door. The door is connected to the opener carriage and disengages the door from the carriage when pulled. When the door is disconnected, it operates manually.

Manually Lift the Garage Door Until the Power Comes Back

After you disengage the door from its operator carriage, you can physically lift and move the door between open and close positions. In the unfortunate circumstance that you are unable to move it, you can use a lever or a rod that is strong enough to lift the door using less energy. If all these efforts do not bear fruit, you need to contact a repair company because your garage door has a broken spring, and it might be dangerous for you to open it.

When you are successful, make sure to reattach the trolley to the opener carriage using the cord to enjoy your automatic garage door, as you did before.