Methods for How to Sanitize Your Garage Door

Whether you want to keep your family safe from the Coronavirus or any other harmful virus in the future, it’s a good idea to understand how to properly sanitize your garage door. If your garage door is manual and requires you to touch it in order to open it, then it’s likely it’s caked in bacteria. Even automatic garage doors can use a good cleaning now and then. Here are a few things to keep in mind when you sanitize your garage door.

1. Use Gentle Soap to Sanitize Your Garage Door

Garage door cleaning should only utilize gentle soap. This is the kind of soap that you would use on your car or in a dishwasher. It’s tough enough to remove bacteria and viruses but gentle enough to prevent damage from occurring to your door and its paint. Using harsh cleaners like undiluted bleach can rub the paint right off. It can also damage the more delicate pieces of machinery, which will require garage door repair in Torrance.

2. Use Sponge or Brush

When it comes to actually sanitize your garage, you’ll need to use either a cloth, sponge, or brush. These are gentle enough that they won’t scratch the paint as you clean. Use warm water with gentle soap and gently rub it into the surface of the garage door and its windows. Harder stains, like oil, will require more than just gentle soap. In this instance, you’ll need the diluted bleach.

3. Rinsing

Rinsing is just as important as cleaning. You may have scrubbed the viruses off of the garage door, but it remains there in the soap. Rinsing it off will finally remove it from your garage. Use a hose, not a power washer, or else you’ll damage your garage.