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Why Have Door Handles on a Powered Garage Door?

The main reason that people invest in powered garage doors is that they want the convenience of a self-opening door. Knowing this, it might be a little strange to see door handles on a powered garage door. Is this a necessity? Here are a few reasons you might consider having (or keeping) the handle on your powered garage door.

The Power Might Fail

This is probably the number one reason you might want door handles on your garage door. Let’s face it – no technology will function 100% of the time forever, so there is a very real possibility that the power could cut out when you are trying to open or close the garage door one day. Having handles allows you to operate it manually if you need to.

Door Handles Are Good During Repairs

If your Torrance garage door repair specialist is concerned about safety, they may need to cut the power to the door while they repair it. Having handles allows the specialist to maneuver the door as needed while keeping their safety intact. It is a simple but effective precaution.

It’s Good to Have Options

Why limit yourself to one option if you don’t have to? Having the ability to choose between manual operation and automatic operation is a convenience that is afforded to garage owners. It doesn’t matter whether your power is out or not. You might just want to manually operate your door one day for whatever reason.

Are door handles on a powered garage door a necessity? No, they are not. However, they are convenient to have in case of a power failure or a garage door repair. Don’t limit yourself to one option. After all, it doesn’t hurt anything to have them.