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Manual Methods for Opening Garage Doors When the Power Is Out

Innovations in technology have allowed homeowners to utilize automatic garage doors to create more convenience in their lives. These automatic garage doors allow us to not have to run in the rain to open the garage or get out of our vehicles in the middle of the night. However, what happens when there’s a power outage? Read on to learn some of the best manual methods for opening your garage door.

Manual Methods From the Inside

If you find yourself inside your garage at the moment of a power failure, don’t instantly go for the garage door handle. Using a flashlight, inspect first the springs around the garage door to ensure that there wasn’t damage from the door suddenly shutting down. Failure to do so can lead to sudden shifts in the movement of the door, which can cause severe bodily harm. Next, you will need to pull on the red emergency cord to release the lever that is attached to the garage door. Next, slowly begin to pick up the garage door all the way up until you cannot move it anymore.

Stuck Outside?

Not every garage is attached to the home, nor do they have an entry door attached to them. So, what happens if you’re stuck outside and you can’t access your garage? If you cannot get a hold of a Torrance garage doors service company, you may need to seek your next best option, an emergency release kit. This emergency kit is something you should have at your disposal for such occasions. They contain all the necessary tools to unlock your garage door in the event of a blackout. So, how does it work? The kit purchased will have a key inside of it that is compatible with almost every garage door. Simply insert it into your lock and lift up the garage door all the way up until it stops moving.