Torrance garage doors

Modern Garage Door Home Trends in 2020 

If you’re like many Torrance homeowners, you want to keep up with the latest home trends to maximize the aesthetic appeal and value of your property. One of the best ways to do this is by having a new garage door installed that makes the entire front of your house look nicer while increasing your home’s functionality. Here are some of the modern trends for Torrance garage doors in 2020 that you may want to follow.

 Environmentally Friendly Additions

 You can even go green with your garage door and choose an option that comes with eco-friendly features that are designed to help save energy. Many of the latest garage doors are built to provide better insulation, which can reduce your carbon footprint by lowering energy expenditure. It’s best to choose a garage door with a high R-value and low U-value to keep your garage better insulated in the summer and winter. You can even have a garage door installed that’s made from recyclable materials such as aluminum.

 Curbscaping Incorporation

 This contemporary trend is influenced by classical design and includes adding greenery around the garage door to boost a home’s curb appeal. You can add strips of ivy or flowers above and at the sides of your garage door to create a more natural ambiance. Special lighting can also be used to showcase your curb scaping addition at night. 

 Smart Technology

 Smart technology is used for many of today’s operating systems, and garage doors are no exception. You can get a new garage door opener that connects through your Wi-Fi so that your garage door can be opened and closed with a mobile device even when you’re not at home. You can also use smart technology to monitor the status of your garage door when you’re away and allow temporary access to housekeepers, pet sitters, and other authorized people.

 Personalized Design

 You can personalize your garage door to better reflect the uniqueness of your home by getting one that’s custom-made. You can choose a material that features the color or colors that you want. You can also choose to have windows and decorative touches included on your garage door to make a bolder statement. A glass-paned garage door that’s supported by a durable aluminum frame may also work well for your home.

 These garage door trends in 2020 can make Torrance homes like yours stand out for all the right reasons. Precision Garage Door of Torrance specializes in installing and repairing overhead garage doors, side sliding garage doors, and all other garage door styles. You can learn more about the products and services that are provided by visiting