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What Do the Pros Do with Old Garage Doors?

If you think your garage door has outlived its usefulness and are planning to call a garage door repair service to install a new one, you may have a great opportunity. Ask the pros how they suggest getting rid of old garage doors. You may be surprised that there are many artistic ways you can use your door. It may depend on the type of door you have, but here are a few suggestions from the pros.

Turn Old Garage Doors Into Garden Boxes

Also called raised garden beds, they are a great garden feature for growing flowers and veggies. They provide good drainage, reduce weeds, prevent soil compaction and stop slugs and snails for ruining your plants. Your old door can be cut into already measured sections and may provide enough material for two boxes.

Artistic Wall Covering

If your garage door has panels and other interesting features such as slats or windows, you can use it as the background for a small table in your entryway or as an attractive headboard.

It should be attached to the wall and painted with the appropriate color or even antiquing. The glass in the windows can be removed, which will create an artistic design at the top.

Dining or Coffee Tables

If the door is the right dimensions and made of wood or faux wood, it may make a great new dining table. Parts of it can make a coffee table. Sand and varnish the wood and put a piece of glass on top for shine and leveling. You can also distress and paint the wood to look like an antique.

Save Money While Increasing Value

When you talk to the pros about a new garage door, ask about the many different ideas they have for repurposing your old door. With wall features and garden boxes, you can increase the value of your home while spending very little money.