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Garage Door Security Features

Although the garage door is made out of durable material that is difficult to penetrate, it’s well-known that this is not enough to keep your property safe. It should be noted that the security features present on a garage door are not just for keeping the bad guys out but also for protecting the well-being of your family. Read on to learn additional information about the variety of security features present on a garage door.

Security Features That Protect Your Family

If you have a modern garage door, it’s likely that it has a safety reversal system installed on it. This system is hardly ever discovered until it’s needed as it only makes itself known when an item or person is directly underneath the garage door. The safety reversal system can sense an obstacle in its way and signals to the door to begin to reverse, thus preventing an accident from occurring. It should be noted that this system must be tested every few months. If broken, seek the services of a Torrance garage doors service company to get it properly repaired ASAP.

Garage Door Timer

It happens to everyone; you leave to work in a rush and suddenly begin to think of you left your door open or not. Fortunately, the garage door timer feature prevents your door from remaining open. The timer simply counts down to a certain time and closes the door for you.

Garage Door Alarm

Most homeowners take the time to ensure that the rest of their home is secured, but various reports show that most thieves will enter through the garage rather than a window or door. Fortunately, there are a variety of alarm systems on the market that connect directly to your door opener and alert you when your door has been forcibly opened.