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Replace or Repair the Garage Door? Depends on the Issue

Garage doors don’t last forever, as much as we’d like them to. When your garage door starts having problems, it can be hard to tell whether you should replace or repair it. There are obvious reasons such as severe physical damage, multiple dings, and dents, or structural damage, but mechanical issues can be hard to tell. Here are a few signs your garage door might need to be replaced.

Repeated Repairs

While the occasional repair isn’t an issue, needing to call your service technician every month or so to fix a new problem could be a sign your door is on its last legs. The cost of repairs can add up quickly, and it might be cheaper just to replace the entire unit. Repeated breakdowns can also pose a safety risk, either locking your car in your garage or getting stuck open and leaving your garage vulnerable.

Excessive Noise

While some noise is natural for a garage door, there are some noises you just don’t want to hear. Cracking, grinding, or loud creaking noises could be a sign your garage door might need to be replaced. Have a technician evaluate your garage and determine the cause of the noise, and plan from there.

Hanging Wires or Other Components

Hanging wires and other bits of machinery can be a sign your garage needs to be replaced also. Hanging wires can be dangerous, as they can get caught in the machinery and become frayed or cut, not only affecting the garage’s performance but also potentially becoming a fire hazard. Have a technician investigate any hanging wires or out of place components and do not try to fix the problem yourself.

Determining Whether to Replace or Repair

Not all of these issues mean replacement is absolutely necessary. A lot of the problems above could be a sign that your springs need to be replaced. Signs that your spring needs to be replaced include loose door cables, loud noises coming from your door, your garage door being heavier than normal, your door being crooked, jerky movements when opening and closing your garage door, and lastly if your garage door falls too quickly when closing.

If your garage door is having any of the above issues, you may want to call for spring repair in Torrance to get an inspection and repair quote. Keeping your garage door in working condition is important, and the right repair service can help keep things running smoothly.