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Precision Door of Torrance: Spring Repair & Replacement

While Torrance garage doors are built to last, the parts that involve opening and closing the door will eventually start to wear down. One of those most vulnerable areas of your garage door system are the springs. When you have broken garage door springs, the signs may be obvious, but you may not be certain if it means broken springs or another garage door issue. Here are a few signs that indicate broken springs.

1. Heavy Door Could Indicate Broken Garage Door Springs

For those who manually open and close their garage, they might notice that their door is extremely heavy to lift. Manual garage doors rely on the springs to perform most of the effort of lifting and closing the door. When those springs break, it’s all up to your own strength to be able to open or close the door.

2. Garage Door Barely Opens or Closes

Another sign that you have broken springs is if the door barely opens or closes. It may appear as though it’s jammed. The garage door won’t fully close or it won’t fully open. This is because of loose cables. They may be hanging or refusing to perform their typical function because the spring is broken. While you can attempt to close or open the garage door on your own, you may find it difficult, if not impossible.

3. A Crooked Door

Finally, if only one spring is broken, then you may have a case of a crooked door. In this instance, one side of the door was able to fully close and open while the other was not. This situation can be dangerous for the rest of the delicate machinery of your garage. If too much pressure is exerted on one side, it can break further. What may have just started as a simple broken spring may end up requiring an entirely new system because it completely broke.


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