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Signs Your Garage Needs a Spring Replacement 

Your garage door’s springs play integral roles in the functioning of your garage door. Many garage door systems are comprised of torsion and extension springs, and each of these springs is responsible for lowering and raising your garage door. If any of your garage door springs wear down or breaks, your garage door won’t be able to open and close properly and could become a dangerous contraption. Here are some signs that your garage door needs a spring replacement

 Heavy to Lift

 If you ever need to lift your garage door manually, it should be fairly easy to lift. If the door feels heavy, there’s a chance that you have a spring problem. The problem is often caused by a broken torsion spring, which results in a rotational energy imbalance.

 Slow Movement of Door

 You may notice that your garage door is starting to take a lot longer than usual to open and close, and this is usually a sign of a failing spring. A broken spring often causes the motor to run slower, which will slow down the speed of your garage door’s movements.

 Fast Falling Door When Closely

 Your garage door could also appear to fall as it closes. If one or more of your springs is broken, the door may become unbalanced and won’t be able to close in a smooth and steady motion. A garage door that lowers too quickly can be a major safety hazard, and it’s important to have the garage door spring repair or replacement work done as soon as possible. 

 A Crooked Door

 Your garage door might appear crooked, and this is likely caused by a problem with an extension spring. Since the extension springs are located on both sides of the door and work independently, a broken spring will cause only one side of your garage door to work properly and make the door lopsided. 

 Jerky Garage Door Motions

 When lowering and raising your garage door, it should move smoothly with minimal jerkiness. Any noticeable abrupt or shaking motions could indicate that you have a broken extension spring. 

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