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What Affects Your Garage Door’s Weight?

As a homeowner, one of the things you’ll eventually have to do is replace or upgrade your garage door. However, errors in terms of how much the door weighs tend to occur because most homeowners don’t really have the knowledge. Understandably, most people won’t have to change their garage door for years on end and, thus, why the following information on a garage door’s weight is so important.

Material and Total Weight

Perhaps the biggest thing that will affect how much a garage door weighs is the material it’s made out of. Because there are so many types of materials on the market, it can be difficult to keep track of all their weights. However, simply knowing a little bit of information regarding their manufacturing process can help you a lot. For example, a one-sheet aluminum garage door will most likely weigh very little. Now, if you’re opting in for wooden material, you will likely add about 50lbs to the garage door’s weight. To obtain further information about the materials on the market, it is recommended to contact a company that specializes in Torrance garage doors.

Glass Windows Have a Big Impact on a Garage Door’s Weight

Garage doors with windows add an extra layer of elegance to your home. They can provide you with an increase in your curb appeal and may even lead to a higher property valuation. Therefore, it is no surprise why so many homeowners choose to add these to their garage. However, multiple windowpanes can really add to your door’s weight. In fact, adding windows can bump up the weight past the 100-pound mark.

Garage Door Insulation

The goal of most homeowners is to lower their energy bills and, thus, the reason why so many choose to add insulation. The only issue here is that adding insulation places a lot of weight onto your door. You can easily see the weight of your door shoot up to 200 pounds.