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Do Garage Door Technicians Receive Specific Training?

It’s no secret; the home improvement industry is one of the biggest in the country. In fact, the industry is home to many types of services and professionals. From roofers to landscapers, there is a plethora of expertise that is needed. However, one that often goes under the radar, but is highly needed, includes garage door repairman. These professionals ensure that a door is properly installed and/or repaired. If this sounds like a career, you may be interested in stick around to learn more about the specific training needed to land a job.

Companies Require Specific Training As an Apprentice

Torrance garage door repair companies will often require their installers to have experience in their field. This is usually done by accepting an entry-level job as an apprentice to a professional garage door installer. This will allow you to learn directly from someone who has years of experience in the field. In addition, it will also help you figure out if the career move is one that you’re going to enjoy genuinely.

Accreditation and Certification

One of the things that need to be obtained before applying and accepting a job as a garage door installer is to be accredited and certified by the International Door Association (IDA). Because a home’s garage door must meet certain safety requirements, the government demands that proper education is obtained by a future installer. The IDA will present you with a six-part exam that will prove your knowledge of the industry.

Miscellaneous Requirements

Last are the basic requirements you need to enter this career. Let’s begin with your physical health. You must be able to properly climb a ladder and pick up items that weigh 45 pounds and over. In certain companies, you may also be required to have experience with electrical work.