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How to Find the Most Durable Garage Door Springs for a Spring Repair in Torrance

Garage doors help provide shelter and security to your family and vehicle. Garage door springs are one of the essential parts that make up a garage door because they facilitate the opening and closing of the garage door. A garage door spring is supposed to counter the heavy weight of the garage door and bring a balance so that you can easily open and lift it. Garage doors that do not open or close seamlessly are likely to have a problem with the spring. If you have an idea about garage door systems, you are also likely to know that there are different types of door springs. With different types of garage door springs available in the market, your choice depends on the gate size and delivery. You can only settle on a type of garage door spring that is compatible with the type of garage door that you have. The following are helpful tips that can help you settle on a worthwhile type of garage door spring for a spring repair in Torrance.

Extension vs. Torsion Springs

There are several garage door springs, the most common being the torsion and extension springs. If your garage door is not functioning as it should, it is most likely that the spring is worn out or broken and, therefore, needs a replacement. Before settling on a repair, it is important to find out the type of spring that is right for your door as each is particular to a certain door model. This, in turn, depends on the age or complexity of your home.

Extension Springs

They are called extension springs because they store their energy by stretching and extending. Extension springs are the most popular type, and every garage door contains two extension springs, with each spring found on either side of the door. When the garage door is opened, the springs expand and cause a counterbalancing effect that props the whole door. The springs extend depending on the force used to open the door.

Extension springs are mostly used in residential garage doors and can be very dangerous when they break. Hence, they’re used together with safety cables. The types of extension garage doors include:

• Open Looped. They contain a looped wire on their end that makes them easy to change even though they may be expensive to replace.

• Double Looped. They are stronger than the open-looped extension springs because they have two coils but are a little complicated to replace upon breaking.

• Clipped Ends. Clipped ends are the most durable type of extension springs because they have clips on the end, so there is less stress when handling them.

As there is a risk of the spring on extension springs breaking at any time, it is essential to have the safety cables to avoid harm.

Torsion Springs

Torsion garage door springs generate the torque needed when roll-up garage doors are opened, and they come in sets depending on the size and weight of the door. Compared to the extension springs, torsion springs require fewer parts, are more durable and less dangerous, and hence are preferred by most garage door contractors. They are directly installed on the metal shaft above the door opening, with the number on each garage door varying between one and four. Upon installation, aluminum drums are placed on each end of the metal shaft, and the force exerted by each torsion spring is equally distributed across the metal shaft before being transferred to the aluminum drums.

The types of torsion springs include:

• Standard torsion. These springs are normally mounted above the garage door opening and contain a metal shaft supporting the spring. They are commonly used in residential garage doors containing one spring and are among the most affordable type of garage door springs.

• Early set. This type of torsion spring is mounted in the middle part of the torsion shaft and is identical to the standard type. It is commonly used in residential garage doors and uses different types of hardware.

• Steel rolling door. These are installed in the torsion barrel and are mostly used in commercial buildings.

• Torque master. They are enclosed inside the torsion shaft and are considered among the safest types of garage door springs. A winding cone on each end of the torsion rod holds the spring in place, but they are wound up using a power drill.

Before choosing a specific type of garage door spring, you must find out which type is compatible with your door. The professionals from Precision Garage Door Services can not only come in handy if you need a garage door repair in Torrance, but they also provide garage door replacement services.

Identifying a Damaged Torsion Spring

There are two ways a homeowner can identify that they require a garage door spring repair in Torrance. First, deactivate the automatic door opener and manually lift the door. If it automatically stays up without movement and needs help to be held up, then it’s in good condition.

Another way of determining if the torsion spring is damaged is by holding the door and leaving it midway. If it stays up and feels heavy, then the spring might be close to breaking. Furthermore, a door that feels too light indicates that the springs were improperly sized during installation.

Identifying a Damaged Extension Garage Door Spring to Determine Whether You Need a Spring Repair in Torrance

For damages, check if the spring contains gaps in its coils. Gaps indicate that the steel used to manufacture the extension spring has already been worn out, and the door might prove difficult to move because it is not receiving the required tension. If the springs, loops, and clips show any signs of wear and tear or the sides of the garage door are not properly aligned, it might be time to contact Precision Garage Doors and inquire about repairs to garage doors in Torrance.

If broken, broken garage door springs might be dangerous and are certainly not a DIY project. You need trained professionals with the right tools to conduct such repairs. Garage doors are touchy and require a special touch that common untrained hands cannot provide. The possibility of garage doors falling on people can lead to significant emotional, physical or financial damage hence the need to immediately contact a professional if you notice any unusual activity on the door.

Additionally, ensure you work within your budget to avoid making grave financial decisions. You can only make informed decisions about your garage door if you understand its value, what works for it and what does not. While looking at the budget, do not forget to dig into the quality. Settling for quality will save you from numerous that could have been avoided if you had gone for a durable garage door spring.