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Applying Garage Door Paint: What You Need to Know

If you went through the garage door installation process and now you’re ready to really put that touch of character on it, then a paint job may be your best bet. However, painting a door isn’t as straightforward and easy as painting a home bedroom. Therefore, the following includes information about a few things you need to know before applying any garage door paint.

Garage Door Paint Reacts to Weather

The very first thing you should know is that you can’t paint your door during just any type of weather. In order to ensure that the paint is going to stick properly, you need to avoid days when the weather is unpredictable or damaging. This includes rainy, windy, and snowy days to name a fee.

Don’t Forget to Prep Your Garage Door Paint

Even the very best paint on the market won’t make your door look good if you forget to prep. Prep might not be a fun process, but it is absolutely necessary. During this time, you are removing old paint chips, dirt, grime, and everything in between.

Add a Prime Coat

Because your garage door is going to be facing some of the harshest elements, it is paramount that you prime your garage door. You should make it a point to be patient during this process. Make sure you cover every single exposed part of the garage door to ensure maximum protection.

Don’t Forget the Trim

A blank canvas of a garage door makes it difficult to seem all its features, and this is why it is important to make sure you are not neglecting them after the main garage door is painted. The most common of these include the garage door trim. You may choose to paint it to match the door or add a different yet complimentary color to really make it pop.