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Three Ways to Increase the Storage Space in Your Home

How long have you lived in your house? If you and your family have lived in the same place for a long time, you may have noticed that your Torrance, CA, garage is getting smaller. Well, it’s either getting smaller or you are accumulating more stuff thus turning your garage into a de facto storage space. You may be surprised at some of the storage disasters that technicians have seen during a garage door installation service. Here are some tips you can use to increase the space in your garage.

Use the Walls for Storage Space

Many people make the mistake of only considering the horizontal space when they are planning their garage storage space. Look at those empty walls in your garage. This is a vast space where you can install wall organizers and cabinets that would otherwise be stored at ground level. Another added benefit of wall organizers for things like garden tools is they are designed with hooks, making their contents quick and easy to access and put away. No more rifling through cabinets and drawers looking for a hand tool you haven’t used in six months.

Folding Workbench

Your folding workbench could jut out up to three feet into your garage. Consider installing hinges so it can fold up when it is not in use. Folding workbenches are great because they also force you to clear it off each time you use it, further organizing your garage by eliminating clutter. You can even have an electronic folding bench installed that can be controlled via remote.

Store Things You Don’t Use

Think about times laying around in your garage, or taking up space in your garage cabinets, that you don’t often use like power tools. If they are a constant annoyance, consider putting them in a more long-term storage situation somewhere else in your home. Power tools can take up a considerable amount of space in any garage.