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3 Fantastic Ideas for Creating a His and Hers Garage

Creating a his and hers garage is the perfect way to share space while expressing your individual styles. Even if there is only a small amount of room, you can easily maximize the utility of your design with clever storage. Here are three fantastic ideas for creating your ideal shared garage space.

Sharing Space

Sharing the same space is simple when you clearly designate which areas belong to which person. Each wall in your garage can be incorporated into your unique design depending on how much room you have to work with. You can also divide the area on the wall directly in front of your cars for personalized storage and organization. Decorate with individuality in mind to make the biggest impact.

His Side

A variety of looks from sleek to traditional make a statement about his area. Including a small built-in table with overhead storage for organizing tools can maximize his space and still leave enough room for additional shelves for storage, sports equipment and any accessories needed for recreational hobbies, while also providing space for any hobbies or hang-outs.

Her Side

There’s no need to match here! The continuity of contrasting designs that are similar in structure can be quite appealing visually. Add decorative shelves and a workbench just for her projects to create a welcoming atmosphere with plenty of space for garden tools, storage and sports equipment. Shoe racks and hooks are also great design additions that help to free up space inside your home while making sure the garage stays organized and usable. Torrance garage doors are available in numerous designs with a variety of excellent services from replacement to repair to help you make your garage one of the most inviting spaces of your home.