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How Do Tilt-up Canopy Doors Work?

Most people are familiar with the traditional types of garage doors. Although those are perfectly fine, there are certain circumstances where a tilt-up canopy door works much better. However, because most aren’t too familiar with this type of door, it can be a daunting decision to make. Therefore, the following includes information regarding the function and makeup of the tilt-up garage door.

Tilt-up Canopy Movement

Perhaps the most obvious feature of this type of garage door is the way it moves up and down. Now, this isn’t just for show but to provide the owner with convenience, particularly if they have a smaller space to work with. For example, because traditional garage doors tend to have a large number of components above it, those with smaller garage spaces may not be able to have that as an option. The tilt-up canopy garage door instead pushes the door outwards instead of inside, thus eliminating the need for additional internal garage space.

Support Components

The most important component of a tilt-up garage door is the pivoting hinge mechanism that is located just to the side of the door itself. This component is what actually pushes the door up and outwards. This component is often what sells this type of door to homeowners as they are eliminating a large portion of the ceiling parts of a traditional door. Of course, if you do not have experience with these types of mechanisms and you need to conduct some repairs, it is always recommended to seek the services of a professional garage door installation company to ensure proper installation and repairs.