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Automatic Venting for Hot Garages

If you’ve ever stepped into your garage during the summer months, then you know how hot it can get. Often the heat from a garage is so unbearable that it can even become dangerous. So, what’s the solution to getting rid of the heat? Automatic venting of the space is the most effective way of ensuring a positive end-result. Therefore, the following list includes a few of the ways to automatic ventilate your garage as well as a few things to consider when doing so.

Solar or Powered Automatic Venting?

Innovations throughout the years have allowed garage installation companies to offer more than just the electric option in terms of ventilation systems. Today, homeowners can also choose to opt-in for a solar-powered ventilation system. As you can tell, the system will run primarily on solar power and will do the exact same job as a powered version. This is moving the hot air out and pumping in fresh air. However, homeowners will still choose to go with a powered automatic venting system as not every day in summer will be a sunny one. This can leave your garage prone to still getting extremely warm.

How Big Should My Fan Be?

This is a common question that homeowners have and one that can be easily answered. Choose a fan that has durable materials and go with the largest one you can afford. Note that if you are having a Torrance garage doors company install a brand-new door, then you may want to hold off until you know how much room you’re going to have to install one.

The Insulation Myth

A common mistake that homeowners make when wanting to ventilate their garage is simply installing garage door insulation. Although this is a great option if you live within a cold climate, all this is going to do is keep the heat inside your garage. Unless you have an HVAC system already installed and pumping out the heat, insulation isn’t going to make much of a difference.