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Precision Door Service: Fixing a Garage Door That Closes Unevenly

Keeping your garage door functioning smoothly and evenly starts with proper maintenance, and sometimes, necessary replacement of its cables, pulleys and springs. Check out these great tips that’ll help you figure out how to begin fixing a garage door that closes unevenly.

New Extension Springs

Every so often, the extension springs on your garage door may become damaged or stretched out, causing the door to close improperly. Replacement of these springs is ordinarily needed to restore balance to the door and is customarily done by a professional for safety reasons. Stronger, larger torsion springs may also become stretched out, though it is less common for them to need replacement. Check both sets of springs to ensure the proper functioning and tightness of each coil.

Replace Cables

Cable replacement, in most instances, immediately fixes the problem of a garage door that’s closing unevenly. Repeated use and heavy lifting done by the cables as they run through the extension and torsion springs may cause them to stretch, leaving your garage door slightly or drastically uneven. Look for signs of fraying and rust in addition to checking their length to determine if the cables are causing an imbalance for your garage door.

Upgrade Pulleys When Fixing a Garage Door

As time goes by, any one of the four pulleys that connect the springs and cables are subject to break down, but they may not do so all at once. Sometimes, only one side of the pulleys is failing, causing the garage door to become uneven. If this occurs, then replacement is required to fix the garage door, and it is recommended that all four pulleys be replaced due to virtually equal amounts of wear. For fixes that’ll restore your garage door to its pristine state, Precision Torrance is on hand to provide you with expert advice, installation and repair.


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