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Top Garage Door Materials When Living Next to The Beach

If you have a beachside home, you’ll want to make sure that your garage door is made of a material that can withstand certain environmental elements. The experts from Precision Garage Door of Torrance can replace your old garage door with a door that’s made from some of the toughest materials so that you can avoid certain damages. Here are some other important factors to consider for your garage door when living by the beach along with some suggestions for the best material options for your garage door.

 The Environmental Impacts

 Salt from the sea can get into the air and form deposits on your house as it blows with the wind. This can be a problem since salt is known as a corrosive mineral that can eat away at the material of your garage door. If you experience any local flooding because of heavy rain, the saltwater from the ocean can also wash up onto your garage door and cause further damage. Many seaside locations are more prone to frequent heavy rainfall, and having a material for your garage door that isn’t rust-resistant can lead to rust formation. The products and services from Precision Garage Door Torrance residents can appreciate can help resolve these issues.

 The Reliability of GRP Material

 Short for glass resin polyester, GRP is one of the best garage door material options when living near the ocean. This material is lighter than fiberglass and made to withstand corrosion from salt and other environmental elements. Another advantage of GRP is that it often makes garage doors easier to operate thanks to its lightweight properties.

 Aluminum: A Standard Option

 You can also opt for a garage door that’s made from standard aluminum. Garage doors Torrance homeowners can rely on are often made from aluminum, and this material could be the perfect option for your garage door. Along with resisting damage from the salt in the air and water, aluminum can make the rest of your house look nicer and is available in different colors. Aluminum is even capable of resisting rust and other moisture damage. Another advantage of aluminum is its lightweight that will put less strain on your garage door’s motor and other components when opening and closing your garage door. 

 You can preserve your garage door better when living next to the beach if you choose a door option that’s made from a material that’s designed to last in maritime conditions. For more information that can make choosing the right garage door for your seaside home easier, visit to learn about the products and services that Precision Garage Door of Torrance provides.