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The Difference Between a Garage Door Chain Drive and Belt Drive

Because the garage door is one of the most used items in the home, it is important to understand its various components. One of the most important of these components includes drives. However, it can be difficult to determine if a belt or chain drive is the right route to take. The following includes a list of key differences of each of these types in order to make your decision process that much easier.

Chain Drive

There’s a reason why you may see a chain drive being used within an industrial building and some residential homes. The fact is that a chain drive is usually the best option for lifting heavy doors such as large industrial or wooden residential garage doors. In addition, a chain drive provides people with a component that could be changed by a garage door installation company at an affordable price. However, this type of drive may not be the best option for residential areas as they can be extremely noisy. Thus, the reason why you usually only see businesses using them.

Belt Drive

Over the years, belt drives have been used within more and more homes due to their ability to make the use of a garage door opener quieter. If you’re someone that works early in the morning, a belt drive might be the best option to avoid waking everyone up. Next includes the durability and functionality of a belt drive. A belt drive has become very durable over the years, but it should be noted that they do not do well within extreme cold or hot climates. In terms of functionality, belt drives are much faster than their chain counterpart and thus preferred by homeowners who may want to have the peace of mind that if they needed to get out of the home quickly, they could.

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