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Change Your Garage Door and Make These Other Upgrades

When it comes to increasing your curb appeal, your garage door should be one of the primary focuses as it is the largest focal point and forefront to your home. A garage door is a huge investment. Although it has a long lifespan, you would still require it to be changed at some point in your lifetime. You can change the size and layout of your garage’s door either as part of a remodel or because the existing one does not meet the needs of your home. There are numerous benefits to upgrading your garage door so as it can live up to its maximum potential.

Upgrading your garage’s door helps to enhance the energy efficiency, increase your home’s security, reduce your maintenance costs on old garage doors, and help to maintain your home’s resale value. Similar to other home makeovers, changing the size and the layout of your garage door come in a range of prices and with various optional advancements. For instance, if you are planning to increase the height of your garage door, you may be required to re-frame the headroom and sometimes increase the height of the roof. Therefore, before you consider changing the size and the layout of your Torrance garage doors, it is imperative first to get an approximation for an all-new detached garage –one that suits your needs. If you have an RV, a tall truck, or require additional space for equipment or snowblades, you must make various upgrades to meet your needs. Below are some upgrades to make if you change the size or layout of your garage’s door.

1. Strong Deadbolt Lock for Safety

Garage doors provide convenient access to your home, both for homeowners and criminals. Therefore, it is crucial to have a robust garage door made of metal or solid. You’ll also want to consider equipping the door with a sturdy deadbolt lock to increase the security of your garage’s door. A deadbolt lock is a locking mechanism that is different from a spring bolt lock. It can be opened only by a key or a handle. Unlike regular locks, deadbolt locks must be engaged when the door is shut, thus making it hard to break them. They have a specific inbuilt locking device that can’t be pushed back into the door. This makes it more resistant to entry, thus averting unwanted access. If a criminal can’t easily break or pick your garage door’s lock, they will leave instead of spending unnecessary time trying to open it. They will eventually call off the break-in. If you want to install a deadbolt lock to your garage’s door, professionals can help you choose a quality deadbolt lock and also take of all the work.

2. Incorporating a Smart Garage Door Opener System

After changing the garage door layout, you should consider adding a smart door opener system as it offers unparalleled convenience and helps enhance the overall security of your home. With a smart door system, you can effectively keep track of the status of your garage door from anywhere using your smartphone or other devices and open and close it if need be. However, not all smart doors are equally secure. Most of them use a fixed code technology which makes it easier for thieves to pick up the code with a specialized receiver. To ensure your garage’s door is entirely secure, you can consider getting an automatic opener that utilizes rolling technology. An opener that depends on rolling codes doesn’t just rely on one code. It rotates via numerous codes. A plethora of codes makes it hard for criminals to use it. Even if they steal one code, the opener will switch to a different one after it transmits the stolen code to the thief’s receiver.

With a smart door, you are able to get notifications of whatever is happening to your garage without your authorization. You don’t need a physical key to access your home if you have a smart door. Therefore,  your family can have easy access to the garage.

Also, a smart door is usually equipped with a smoke detector and carbon monoxide sensors which gives an alert in case of fire, smoke, or carbon monoxide buildup inside a garage. Additionally, your mobile app will permit you to open the garage door in case there are dangerous fumes in the garage, thus saving lives.

3. Garage Door Insulation for Energy Efficiency

If you change the size and the layout of your garage’s door, you’ll probably need more heat to heat the entire garage area. Therefore, as you change your door layout, you should consider insulating the door. This will help conserve more heat, thus improving energy efficiency. You will experience minimal temperature difference between the garage and other areas of your house when your garage is adequately heated. Eventually, there will be less heat loss from your home. Since there is a considerable difference between garage door insulation and the rest of your home, insulating the garage’s door will result in a significant drop in your heating costs.

4. Hardware to Enhance Home Appearance

When changing the size and the layout of your garage’s door, hardware is an effective option. Hardware is a simple and inexpensive way to give your door a sophisticated appearance. This enhances your overall curb appeal. It is also a unique way to incorporate the theme of your choice, whether that can be a carriage-style garage door or a modern look for your home. When deciding on your door hardware, it is vital to consider the material for your environment and needs. Different materials will offer your garage door various needs. Choosing a material that will work best for your situation is crucial. For instance, when changing the size of your garage door Torrance, you can use steel to increase the size of the door. Steel is robust and secure. It often has coatings to hinder rusting, thus increasing its lifespan. Alternatively, fiberglass and aluminum provide a lightweight and translucent option. This gives the garage a brighter appearance. However, it is imperative to use whatever suits your needs.

5. Add a Battery Backup to Your Garage Door

Battery backup capabilities are crucial for home security. This is mainly if your garage door depends entirely on electricity. If the power runs out, a system with battery backup will still keep your vehicles safe.