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Cleaners to Avoid and Cleaners to Use on Your Garage Door

Sanitizing your garage door is vital to ensuring it endures. It can also help keep your family safe. Yet you may be unsure of what cleaners you should use on the door. After all, too strong of cleaners can actually damage your door. You may need garage door installation in Torrance to replace it. Here are some cleaners to avoid and some to use.

1. Cleaners to Avoid

When you want to clean your garage door, you’ll want to watch out for cleaners that contain a lot of phosphates. This can damage you garage door. In particular, you’ll need to avoid cleaners containing more than .5% phosphate.

Another cleaner to avoid is bleach. This cleaner can not only rip the paint off your garage door, but it might also damage that material its made of, depending on what it is. If you need to use bleach on the garage door, then you’ll want to dilute it with water.

One last thing to avoid is mixing bleach with detergents. The resulting fumes can be toxic to inhale.

2. Cleaners to Use

To wash your garage door, the kind of cleaner you’ll want to use is dish soap. This soap is tough enough to kill bacteria but still gentle on the surface. How you wash your garage is just as important. You’ll need to use a soft sponge, cloth, or brush with warm water.

Another cleaner to use is a car cleaner. This is similar to dish soap. It won’t scrape off the paint of the garage door but still give it a thorough cleaning.

When rinsing your door, you should use a typical garden hose and not a pressure washer. Pressure washers can scrape the paint right off.

For wooden doors, you’ll want to use a mild detergent.