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How to Troubleshoot Garage Door Opener Sensors That Aren’t Not Working

In 1993, the federal government required all garage door openers to have a sensor to ensure safety. However, like all devices, it has the potential of failing. Before you call garage door repair in Torrance, try these tips on how to troubleshoot garage door opener sensors.

Dirty or Blocked Garage Door Opener Sensors

The two sensors must detect the beam in between them to open the door. Sometimes, the sensor lenses get blocked from debris and pollution which prevents them from detecting the infrared beam. Sensors can also get wet from rain and water sprinklers. Clean cobwebs, dust, and moisture with a clean cloth and try the door again.


Even when sensors are clean, objects in the path of the beam can cause opener failure. Check for toys, tools, trash bins, or other things in the path of the beam. Use the ladder to look for debris or trapped objects on the inside of the tracks which can be hard to see from floor level. Wipe the tracks, and clean them regularly to prevent blocking the sensors.

Garage Door Sensors Misaligned

The sensors should be even with one another, and they will commonly flash red when they get out of alignment. Turn off power to the garage, and use a screwdriver to loosen the nuts, but don’t remove them. You only need them loose enough to move the mounting brackets. Realign the sensors until they glow green again, and test the door, but wait until early afternoon so you can see the lights easier.

Power Supply Garage Door Repair

Carefully climb a ladder to check the wiring in the power supply commonly located on the upper wall. The white wires should connect to the white terminal, and a set of white and black wires should connect to the black terminal. Tighten loose wire terminals with a screwdriver. If the wires are damaged or but the LED lights are still off with tightened wire screws and undamaged wires, you’ll likely need a professional garage door service.