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What Are Impact Windows for Garage Doors?

The garage door is created for a variety of purposes. They are meant to shield you from the freezing cold and the scorching heat. They provide your valuables with protection at night, and they can even keep your home’s temperature consistent. However, there is always more that you can do to extra that extra layer of security to your home. The following includes information on impact windows, what they are, and how they benefit your home.

What Are Impact Windows Made Of?

Impact windows can be added to a garage door in a variety of ways. They can either replace your existing windows that run at the top of your garage door, or they can actually create the door itself. These windows are made out of two layers of tempered glass combined with a layer of shatter-proof membrane. These types of windows can usually be found on aluminum garage doors. Note that before you install these to your exiting window that all components are functioning properly, especially the tension springs. Seek the services of a spring repair Torrance company in the event that you need repairs taken care of.


Perhaps the most common reason why homeowners choose to install impact windows is due to the type of weather which they experience. Those living by the coast, in particular, can experience strong Boldenone Troche hurricane winds every season, even if they don’t live by the beach. These windows are able to withstand heavy rain and wind, thus making it the perfect addition.

Home Security

Impact windows are definitely an added layer of security for homeowners. Often times would-be thieves will simply break a garage door window to gain access. Having these windows can make shattering that much harder and will often detour them from going any further.