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Everything You Need to Know About Frosted Glass Panes for Your Garage Door

For an attractive look that boosts curb appeal, frosted glass panes add an elegant touch to your garage door that also introduces more natural light into your garage. This type of glass serves the additional purpose of keeping your house safer while providing your garage with more privacy. Here’s everything you need to know about frosted glass panes and your garage door.

Opacity of Frosted Glass

Frosted glass panes come in several shades of color with varying degrees of opaqueness. Choosing the perfect level of opacity to accentuate the lines of your garage door’s frame or style, significantly increases your home’s value. Likewise, the shade you select should complement the exterior facade of your home, either contrasting or matching your color scheme and individual style for maximum visual impact.

Privacy and Security

The frosted appearance of glass windows adds much needed security to garage doors that are mainly comprised of glass. The coverage you need for security determines how opaque the panes should be, adding another important feature to consider, privacy. Keep in mind that garage door styles such as carriage and traditional have smaller windows located near the top of the door that do not require as much opacity to provide a sufficient amount of privacy that also increases security.


Another thing to consider is how much natural light you want to let into your garage. Doors with smaller windows won’t need as dark a shade of opacity as garage doors with much larger panes. You’ll also have to adjust the shade according to your specific needs and concerns that include how much privacy you want and what level of security you need. Garage door repair in Torrance is available to assist you with selecting the best option for your garage door.