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Will My Door Opener Work With a New Garage Door?

If you’re installing a brand-new garage door, then you might already have two things on your mind. One includes the additional price of having to get a new opener and, two, the time it will take to install a new one. This article discusses a few factors that must be taken into consideration when deciding to switch or keep an existing garage door opener.

Weight and Your Garage Door Opener

Can you keep your existing garage opener? The real question lies within a few factors regarding your new door. The first factor to consider is the weight and size of the door you’ve chosen to install. If your the opener for your door was chosen by a Torrance garage door repair company or an opener installer, then they would have chosen an opener with enough horsepower to do the job with that particular door. However, if you’re replacing it with a heavier door, such as wood or double doors, then it might not have enough to lift it.

Safety Measures to Consider

Earlier, the variable of your opener’s horsepower was addressed. In addition to not having enough to lift your door properly, you must also consider the safety risk you’re taking by not replacing it. A garage door is held up by either torsion or extension springs. If too much pressure is placed on them, they can snap and bring the door crashing down. A falling door won’t just damage your car, but it could potentially injury anyone around it as well.

Warranty Demands

Homeowners love their warranties because it allows them to have peace of mind that if anything ever goes wrong with their openers, they can just ask the manufacturer to fix or replace it. However, it should be noted that some manufactures have a fine print regarding the replacement of a garage door. Many will void warranties if anything changes, such as the tracking system and a new garage door.


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