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Garage Door Noises? When You Need to Call a Pro

Your garage goes through a lot of wear and tear, opening and closing multiple times a day. While it is normal for your garage door to make some sounds, there are certain types of noises that you need to keep an ear out for. These noises often mean that something has or will be going wrong with garage door—it also means that it may be time for you to call in a pro who can solve any issues you may have before they turn into a catastrophic failure.


Often, your garage door will start to make rattling noises over time. This type of sound usually seems like there is something moving or shaking within the motor. There could be many causes for this type of sound, including loose nuts or bolts. A rattling sound could also mean that the chain that aids in opening and closing is too loose, and you can usually tighten this up easily.


If it sounds like your garage door is screaming each and every time it opens, this could be due to an issue with your garage door roller, which is the mechanism that aids the door in its movement. Sometimes, lubricating the rollers can solve this noise, or they may need to be replace altogether.


It’s possible that your garage door is making a popping sound when opening. This sort of sound typically relates to the springs in the motor, which means that the springs may be too worn to function properly.

Garage Door Noises: Who to Call

If you’ve been hearing any of the above noises, there really is no time to waste. A professional garage door repair service like Precision Torrance will be able to troubleshoot the exact cause of your noises and can offer the right solution, whether that is an upgrade to your garage door motor, a minor adjustment, or a complete garage door replacement.